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One company to meet all your needs.

From vintage automobile maintenance to complete restorations, we can do it all.

Founded in 1991 by Peter and Derrick Howe and now through the most recent addition of Cameron Howe, Howe Motor Works is a vintage automobile restoration, service and maintenance company committed to excellence in both detail and performance.

At Howe Motor Works, we insist on achieving the precise outcome you need by putting everything we have to work for you:
a comprehensive background in vintage automobile restoration, maintenance and service,
a highly qualified senior-level team with some of the best minds in the business,
and a 50-year track record of success with vehicles just like yours.

Our true talents shine when it comes to attention to detail. To us, exact means exact.


A Full Range of Vintage, Antique and Classic Automobile Services

From complete restoration to ongoing maintenance, Howe Motor Works offers a
wide range of services and solutions geared to your exact needs.


Complete Vehicle Restoration

We’ll take your vintage restoration project from start to finish, step in for a critical part of your existing project, or fine-tune your vehicle to make it look and run better than ever.

With 50 years experience and one of the best reputations in the business, we can restore your vehicle to the day it came of the factory line.


Mechanical Services

  • Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle Rebuilding
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Custom Parts Manufacturing


Body & Coach Restoration Services

  • Vintage and Classic auto body restoration
  • “Panel Beater” Metal Fabrication Services – In the traditional “Panel Beater” style of hand crafted excellence in metal fabrication and panel shaping, we add the unique touch of perfection to your project.
  • From precision cutting and drilling machines to the “English Wheel”, our experienced personnel use a range of equipment to custom form and shape metal parts.
  • Body panel and frame fabrication

View our body work and metal shaping gallery for photos.


Paint Services

From respectable street paint jobs to all out ‘concours’ award winning show finishes, Howe Motor Works can tailor the paint finish to meet your individual requirements.


Ongoing Preventative Maintenance

Keep your vintage vehicle looking and running like a finely tuned machine. There is nothing better than cruising in your vehicle without the worry, hassle and expense of something unexpected going wrong.

The key to maintaining your automotive investment is to identify and fix problems before they become bigger problems. Our preventative maintenance services preserve the life of your investment and ensure your classic automobile, a long and healthy life.


For a free overview of how we can custom manufacture
any part from any vintage automobile.

Call us at 905-681-8343


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